Learn Metrology

E360 Solutions, Skill Development Program "Learn Metrology" is a structured metrology training concept. These builds the concept, which can be applied universally regardless of the Industry and Equipment.

Learn Metrology, is a multi stage customer oriented training program developed to provide machine independent knowledge, best profession practises and competence in Metrology.

We can customise the training program in the field of Metrology & Measurement as per your requirement, including the Machine Specific Training and Software. Please feel free to reach us with your requirement.

Below is the partial list of short duration training program

  • Coordinate Metrology and Understanding GD & T. 
  • Production Excellence Tool (SPC).
  • Measurement Capability and System Analysis
  • Calibration and Measurement Uncertainty. 
  • Optical Metrology.
  • Gear Metrology
  • Improving Productivity of Measurement Lab.
  • Form and Surface Metrology.
  • Lab Management and Maintenance.
  • Components Handling and Fixtures. 
  • Data and Quality Management