Bundled Systems

CMM Bundles

We’ve made selection easy with preconfigured CMM bundled fixture systems. Select the docking rail and plate bundle that suits your application. Choose rail and plate combinations.

Next, choose the size, of work-holding kit that will suit your application. They all contain selections of the Inspection Arsenal™ trigger action, low-profile clamps, rails, stops, and hold-downs to enable quick and easy set-ups.

Vision Bundle

Open-Sight™ is the Inspection Arsenal™ version that is especially designed for vision systems and it offers the same profit-enhancing benefits. Docking rails fit the stage of any optical machine.

Black anodized aluminum rails and scratch-resistant polycarbonate plates.

Portable Arm Bundle

Further enhance the value of your portable 3D Gage Arm/CMMs with the lean, quickswap Loc-N-Load™ fixture system. Install the gage onto the Loc-N-Load™ base and start inspecting. Interlocking fixture plates quickly secure and release with the use of magnets, creating highly repeatable setups.

Get started with a preconfigured bundle and add plates as work requires. You’ll save money on shop floor inspection
when you use Loc-N-Load™ quick-swap fixturing.

Optical Comparator Bundle

The Optical comparator fixture plates with kit fit optical comparators. Speed up inspections and alternate setups between two plates. Add fixture plates or mounting hardware as needed.

This smaller fixture system is perfect for your optical comparators’ inspection applications. Loc-N-Load™ fixture rails, plates, and workholding
clamps create affordable, repeatable, and durable fixtures that reduce setup time and process more parts per shift. Plates can be dedicated and kept with the job box for fast, repeatable setups.